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Thank You for your patience and leadership and Thank You for taking the time to TEACH and not just say “here’s how you do it”! Gary with your strategies and teaching, I have been compounding my Live account on a daily basis. I have utilized a few educational platforms in the past, but this educational platform is the BEST!

Kimberly G.

– Maryland, USA

“Life-Skill and Become My Own Signal”

Are just some of Gary Joe’s words that have stayed with me since commencing Forex Trading classes with him. I was looking for a new opportunity I can retain for life (a ‘Life-Skill’) that can not be taken away from me (e.g. be a scam of any sort), will pay me an income which solely relies on me and my performance and not someone else’s or their trade platform /ideas (being my ‘Own Signal’).

In just a few months Gary Joe has educated our class on the fundamentals of Forex Trading, the implementation of that learning, various strategies (for scalping, intra-day, and swing trading) and a way to catch Pips (= money).

Gary Joe’s classes have taught me how to read charts and more importantly Price Data. Gary Joe provides all the supplementary resources needed such as a Trading Plan, Trading Checklist, CandleStick book and more.

What I have found most helpful is the “Live Trading” sessions where we go through the charts of selected forex pairs and analyse the data, so looking at Trend, Price Movement, Indicators (e.g. MAs, MACD, RSI, DonForex etc.) and applicable Strategies for best Entry and Exit points.

Gary Joe is a patient educator and often tells us “No Trader Left Behind”, classes are structured and interactive with all questions welcomed and answered. Gary Joe is an honest and transparent educator and shows you what he is doing as well as the actual results he achieves (many educators do not). His results have been mighty impressive.

It’s been a positive life-changing education on forex and I am so glad I joined Gary Joe’s Forex Trading course because I have gained a new “Life-Skill” that’s mine forever and I am my “Own Signal” when it comes to forex trading. I have also met some wonderful people /traders in class.

I will continue my trading education with Gary Joe for all the reasons stated above and also because he will be teaching us crypto-currency trading as well. Also he runs class competitions and awards bonuses.

Many thanks to you Gary Joe – thank you from my heart!!!!

Angela F.

– England, UK

“No Trader Left Behind”

It is extremely refreshing to cross paths with a person/company who stands 100% behind everything that is said and offered.

Before signing on with Gary Joe, I knew absolutely nothing about the world of Forex, but due to the knowledge shared, patience exhibited, simplistic delivery and mindset of “no trader being left behind”, I can realistically see Financial Freedom for my family and I on the horizon.

This is hands down, a life changing course and I am a member for life.

Sean D.

– Fayetteville, GA – USA

Gary Joe graciously took me and my wife under his wings to teach and mentor us in May 2021. He is a great instructor. Gary takes the time to ensure you are set up for success, whether it is in the training sessions or one-on-one. You will learn the fundamentals and different strategies that he covers through repetition to make sure it is embedded in your memory. His classes are not only educational but inspirational and fun. My only regret is not meeting him sooner. If I had, I would be a FOREX Kung Fu master by now. Thanks for your patience, knowledge, and motivation!

Rural F.

Atlanta, Ga – USA

I have been acquainted with Gary’s Presentations for over one year now. I needed a Mentor to assist with placing trades, so I signed up via his link in February of this year (2021).
I have found Gary to be very patient with all students, ensuring that each person understands and fully grasp the strategies being taught. He encourages everyone to practice and provides opportunities for hands on experiences. He will also go beyond the expected norm to ensure that no one is left behind!
Gary classifies trading as a form of Kungfu – the more one practices, the better the person will become at analyzing the market. This is possible because his guided instructions are simple and clear, his strategies are effective and productive thus boosting the learner’s confidence in placing trades.
I believe that the price is right. The pace is not a race; therefore, if you are looking for positive change, just tune in to Gary Joe’s Trading Webinars.


– England, UK

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